Was sollte die menschliche Gesellschaft leisten?

Was sollte die menschliche Gesellschaft leisten?



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Problems with Wingdings/Symbol fonts in Greek/Hungarian under Windows XP

One of our multilingual project had some problems with the old fonts Wingdings and Symbol. We created sentences using these font in english and also wanted to display them at various systems with other languages installed. All characters of this sentences were saved as char identifiers between 0x20 and 0xFF. But we did not recognice that all characters with identifier above 0x7F are influenced by code pages of the different WIndows XP language installations.

Thus, we did a lot of things to solve the problem: We used MFC functions to change the code pages for fonts, tried to use setlocale etc. But nothing happend.

After one deep look into the font, we recogniced that the characters can also be addressed by UNICODE chars from 0xF020-0xF0FF. And this was also the solution: Just translate every character code into that range:

TCHAR oldChar = 0x44;
TCHAR printedChar = oldChar | 0xF000;

Now, you can print it out using DrawText or TextOutput.

10.12.07 22:44


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